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Euro 2024 Spain v England 14 Jul
First division Day 1 15-19 Aug
Nations League Serbia v Spain 5 Sep

A message from Soccer-Spain

More than three years into this so called “health crisis” and the nightmare goes on. What were once denounced as conspiracy theories are now coming true one by one, two weeks of restrictions to flatten the curve became two years and counting, massive coercion to force people to wear unhealthy masks and to take dodgy vaccines against what is now of little threat to most people, the introduction of health passports for travel and work, etc., all propagated by constant scaremongering from the authorities and a controlled mainstream press.

Those that believe it is all over should look at the facts. We are now seeing a high level of “unexplained” excess deaths and illnesses, rampant inflation, food shortages, "climate change" hysteria, mass immigration, the introduction of a cashless society with a credit score system, threats of war with Russia and/or China, and warnings of new deadly diseases from global institutions and governments that no longer have our interests at heart.

More and more people are becoming aware that this is all part of a “Great Reset”, a “New World Order”, with the principal goals of those promoting this the redistribution of wealth into the hands of the super-rich and the wrecking of global economies, the control of the population and, more frighteningly, a massive reduction in the world population. Don’t believe us? Just check out the WEF website – it’s all there.

For the time being though life goes on, and a new football season is upon us. One consequence of the past three years however is that financially-struggling Spanish clubs have been forced to “sell their souls” to opaque investment funds, with most clubs accepting deals to sell a part of their future broadcasting rights and other assets. It’s all part of the plan of course, but hey, now we can buy that centre forward we needed, or build the new stand! As usual, nobody considers the consequences in the long term – let someone else worry about that!

Anyway, as we mentioned three years ago, Soccer-Spain is just one of the tens of thousands of businesses in Spain which have been badly hit by all of this, but we have been keeping our site going on a minimalist basis (results, tables etc.), if only to try and shed a bit of light on what is going on, and to raise questions about things that don’t make sense. Our twitter link in particular has been retweeting stories and links to alternative sites in both English and Spanish so you can find out for yourself information that you won’t see in the mainstream press.

Some of you of course will not agree with us, but all we are asking is that you question what you are being told, look at alternative facts with an open mind, and decide for yourself. What has happened to us over the last three years is by no means normal and, if you connect the dots, we hope that you can see that is all part of a larger agenda. The more of us who become aware of this, the more the chance of pushing back and restoring some semblance of normality. We hope that these few words help with that.

If you want to find out more, check out some of the links here:

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La Liga's top goalscorers for the 2023-24 season

2023/24 Copa del Rey

Final: Athletic Bilbao 1 - Mallorca 1 (4-2 pso)

Euro 2024

Qualifying round fixtures

Group table

UEFA Nations League 2023

Spain beat Croatia after a penalty shoot out in the final to take the title for the first time. (18.06.23)


Group table

Friendly internationals

World Cup 2022


Group table



Qualifying group table

Club World Cup final, 2022/23: Real Madrid 5 - Al-Hilal 3

European Super Cup, 2023/24: Manchester City 1 - Sevilla 1 (5-4 pso)

Spanish Super Cup

Winners 2023/24: Real Madrid

Winners 2022/23: Barcelona

Winners 2021/22: Real Madrid

Winners 2020/21: Athletic Bilbao

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Summary of 2023/2024

League champions Real Madrid
Spanish cup winners Athletic Bilbao
Promoted to the first division Leganés, Valladolid, Espanyol
Relegated to the second division A Almería, Granada, Cádiz
Promoted to the second division A Castellón, Deportivo La Coruña, Málaga, Córdoba
Relegated to the second division B Villarreal B, Andorra, Alcorcón, Amorebieta

Clubs taking part in other competitions in 2024/25 season
Champions League Real Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Atlético Madrid
Europa League Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad
Conference League Betis
European Super Cup Real Madrid
Spanish Super Cup Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Mallorca
Club World Cup Real Madrid

First Division
Athletic - Getafe
Betis - Girona
Celta - Alavés
L Palmas - Sevilla
Mallorca - R Madrid
Osasuna - Leganés
Real Soc - Rayo
Valencia - Barcelona
Valladolid - Espanyol
Villarreal - Atlético
Day 1 - 18 Aug