Kick-Off Times

2020/21 season. The new season is scheduled to begin on the weekend of 13-16 August, and end on 22 May.

Kick-off times are usually not confirmed until three or four weeks before the matches take place, and once known the details will be published on this page. However, these are liable to change at short notice and we strongly recommend you check with the club if you are hoping to attend a game.

Match tickets are also on sale from our Ticket Office as and when they become available.

As in previous seasons, first division kick-off times are being spaced out so that as a general rule no two matches coincide. A special timetable has been devised for August in order to avoid the intense heat, but as from September there will normally be one match on Friday night, with four games spaced out between 2.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. on Saturday, four more on Sunday between 2.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m., and one on Monday. Second division matches are mainly scheduled for Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but can take place any time between Friday and Monday.

First division - day 9
Sat 16 Oct 18:30 Levante v Getafe
  21:00 Real Sociedad v Mallorca
Sun 17 Oct 14:00 Rayo Vallecano v Elche
  16:15 Celta v Sevilla
  18:30 Villarreal v Osasuna
  21:00 Barcelona v Valencia
Mon 18 Oct 19:00 Alavés v Betis
  21:00 Espanyol v Cádiz
TBC TBC Granada v Atlético Madrid
TBC TBC Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao

First division - day 10
Fri 22 Oct 21:00 Osasuna v Granada
Sat 23 Oct 14:00 Valencia v Mallorca
  16:15 Cádiz v Alavés
  18.30 Elche v Espanyol
  21:00 Athletic Bilbao v Villarreal
Sun 24 Oct 14:00 Sevilla v Levante
  16:15 Barcelona v Real Madrid
  18:30 Betis v Rayo Vallecano
  21:00 Atlético Madrid v Real Sociedad
Mon 25 Oct 21:00 Getafe v Celta

First division - day 11
Tue 26 Oct 19:00 Alavés v Elche
  21:00 Espanyol v Athletic Bilbao
  21:30 Villarreal v Cádiz
Wed 27 Oct 19:00 Mallorca v Sevilla
Rayo Vallecano v Barcelona
  20:00 Betis v Valencia
  21:30 Real Madrid v Osasuna
Thu 28 Oct 19:00 Celta v Real Sociedad
  20:00 Granada v Getafe
  21:30 Levante v Atlético Madrid

First division - day 12
Sat 30 Oct 14:00 Elche v Real Madrid
  16:15 Sevilla v Osasuna
  18.30 Valencia v Villarreal
  21:00 Barcelona v Alavés
Sun 31 Oct 14:00 Cádiz v Mallorca
  16:15 Atlético Madrid v Betis
  18:30 Getafe v Espanyol
  21:00 Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilbao
Mon 1 Nov 19:00 Rayo Vallecano v Celta
  21:00 Levante v Granada

First division - day 4 (postponed games)
TBC TBC Sevilla v Barcelona
TBC TBC Villarreal v Alavés

Second division - day 10
Fri 15 Oct 21:00 Eibar v Almería
Sat 16 Oct 16:00 Amorebieta v Cartagena
Girona v Huesca
(local time)
Las Palmas v Tenerife
  20:30 Málaga v Zaragoza
  21:00 Sporting Gijón v Alcorcón
Sun 17 Oct 14:00 Ibiza v Mirandés
  16:00 Leganés v Valladolid
  18:15 Burgos v Lugo
  21:00 Ponferradina v Fuenlabrada
Mon 18 Oct 21:00 Real Sociedad B v Oviedo

Second division - day 11
Tue 19 Oct 19:00 Cartagena v Sporting Gijón
Huesca v Málaga
(local time)
Tenerife v Eibar
Wed 20 Oct 19:00 Fuenlabrada v Amorebieta
Valladolid v Ibiza
  21:00 Alcorcón v Leganés
Lugo v Las Palmas
Thu 21 Oct 18:45 Almería v Real Sociedad B
  19:00 Zaragoza v Ponferradina
  21:00 Mirandés v Girona
Oviedo v Burgos

Second division - day 12
Fri 22 Oct 21:00 Eibar v Cartagena
Sat 23 Oct 16:00 Ibiza v Fuenlabrada
  18:15 Sporting Gijón v Valladolid
  20:30 Málaga v Lugo
  21:00 Leganés v Tenerife
Sun 24 Oct 14:00 Amorebieta v Real Sociedad B
Mirandés v Almería
  18:15 Burgos v Huesca
Ponferradina v Oviedo
(local time)
Las Palmas v Alcorcón
Mon 25 Oct 21:00 Girona v Zaragoza

TBC - to be confirmed

All the times shown are CET, except where stated for the Canary Islands, where local time is one hour before CET.