Spanish Super Cup

This season's Spanish Super Cup is currently on hold pending the outcome of the Copa del Rey final between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad. Both sides will be taking part though, together with league winners Real Madrid and runners-up Barcelona. Matches are scheduled to take place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in January 2021, although this will depend on the above, and whatever happens with the Coronavirus pandemic. (31.10.20)

It was finally decided that this year's Super Cup will take place in Andalusia, with matches in Córdoba, Málaga and Sevilla. The draw was as follows: (17.12.20)

Athletic Bilbao were the surprise winners of this year's edition after they beat Real Madrid in the semi-final and Barcelona in the final! (17-01-21)

13 Jan Córdoba Real Sociedad
Oyarzabal (p) 51
(2-3 pso)
De Jong 39
14 Jan Málaga Real Madrid
Benzema 73
1-2 Athletic Bilbao
Raul Garcia 18, (p) 38
17 Jan Sevilla Barcelona
Griezmann 40, 77
2-3 (aet)
Athletic Bilbao
De Marcos 42, Villalba 90,
Williams 93

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