International Matches - Under 21

N. Ireland 1 -Spain 4

N. Ireland: Morris; Hughes, Duff, Simms, Capaldi; McCann (McFlinn 77'), McLaugh, Morrison (Campbell 85'), Close; Brown (Clark 70'), Braniff. 4-4-2.
Spain: Reina; Angel,Dani Tortolero (Jarque 63'), Pablo, Asier Del Horno ; Arzu, Corona; Valdo (Arriaga 66'), Jorge, Riera; Fernando Torres (Aganzo 75'). 4-2-3-1.

0-1. 01. Fernando Torres. Took advantage of defensive slip to shoot inside post.
0-2. 26. Fernando Torres. Shot from edge of area which keeper misjudged.
1-2. 48. Braniff. Connected with McCann cross to beat Riera.
1-3. 65. Valdo. Collected return pass from Jorge and shot wide of keeper.
1-4. 67. Jorge. Beat keeper after individualist run.

Group 6 table:
Spain............... Played 6, points:13
Greece............ Played 6, points:11
Ukraine............ Played 6, points: 8
Armenia........... Played 5, points: 4
N. Ireland......... Played 5, points: 1

Mourneview Park, Lurgan. A 1-4 win by Spain's youngsters over Northern Ireland took them two points clear at the top of their group. The heroes of the night were the Atlético Madrid pairing of Fernando Torres and Jorge who ripped the Irish defence apart in the first hour or so of the game. Torres opened the scoring only 45 seconds from the kick off and added a second midway through the first half to put Juan Santiesteban's side two goals ahead at the interval.

Braniff pulled one back though immediately after the restart and for a while Spain were struggling before Jorge set up Valdo and then scored himself in a two minute period later in the second half. With two games to go, the result gives the youngsters a good chance of qualifying for the 16 team play-off round next Autumn. The eight winners of those play-offs will meet in the European finals at a yet to be decided venue next Spring, with the three best teams joining hosts Greece in the 2004 Olympic games.