International Matches - Under 21

Andorra 1 - Spain 1

Andorra: Koldo; Ramírez (Ayala 70'), Chema (Pujol 90'), Juli Fernández (Escura 90'), Toni Lima, Ildefonso Lima; Emiliano (Pol 50'), Sonajee (Jonas 85'), Jiménez (Silva 60'); Juli Sánchez, Ruiz. 5-3-2.
Spain: Reina (Víctor 46'); Angel (Miñambres 46'), Rubén, Dani Tortolero (Mario 46'), Raúl Bravo (Del Horno 46'); Xabi Alonso (Robles 46'), Corona; Julio Alvarez, Aganzo, Jorge; Villa (Fernando Torres 46'). 4-2-3-1.

1-0. 46. Juli Sánchez. Shot inside post from edge of area.
1-1. 84. Aganzo (penalty). After Fernando Torres was fouled in the area.

Spain's new generation of young players started the next stage of their careers with a disappointing draw against Andorra. Although their opponents were theoretically a full international side, most of their components play for Andorra la Vella in the Spanish second division B, and should have been no problem for the youngsters, most of whom play in the Spanish first division. However the frozen conditions and the bad state of the pitch were against them, and the hosts scored a goal within 16 seconds of the restart just as Iñaki Sáez's substitutes were finding their positions. Spain equalised five minutes from the end with an Aganzo penalty despite having only ten men on the pitch, Racing's Julio Alvarez having been stretchered off after swallowing his tongue following a collision with an opponent. The result however was less important as this was only a friendly game, and Sáez used the fixture to try out his new squad, with no less than nine players making their international debuts. (12.02.02)